What I do


Doing voices for anime is like wearing a mask. I get to act as weird as I want.


I’m a big guy and I project that. I get alot of work as the heavy or the passionate artist. Checkout my videos!


I am a classically trained cellist and singer. I perform with a trio that includes a pianist and violinist and hire out for all occasions. I have performed in movies, commercials, in studio as an accompanist, in clubs and on a children’s weekly in Japan.

TV Commercials

Need a Gaijin? I’m your man. I Can be American, British, Australian. I have sung opera and pop for tv spots, including the singing in the Long, Long, Man Gum comercial - an internet sensation.

Viceo Game Voice Overs

I spend a lot of my time living as exotic characters within beautifully constructed game worlds I haven't a clue how to play.

NHK Television

I used to work on a Nippon TV, “Sesame Street” type children’s series. Now I star in their weekly, Tokyo Strangers.

Black Stripe Theater

Unless I’m touring I work with Black Stripe Theater which I co-founded here in Tokyo.

Temple University, Tokyo

I teach acting and theater at Temple University's Tokyo Branch. Email me for my hours and class info. Sometimes guests drop by class and share their experiences as actors. Who knows, you may even see The Walking Dead's Merle there where the class just ate him up!

I was born in Nebraska. As a teen, I took the bus to the big city where I met a slickster at the Chicago Greyound station. He promised me fame, fortune, and the high life. He then dropped me off at a college with a stack of loan applications. He was a recruiter. I gratuated from The Goodman School of Theater in 1979. Fame has yet to come, but I enjoy a wealth of satisfaction sharing with others what I have learned along with an abundance of freedom derived from the life of an artist living on his own terms. I am happily married and live with my wife in Tokyo.

These audio tracks are from tv, radio, cruise ship appearances and movies like “Out of This World,” starring Peter Mullan, in which I played a rather swank post-war crooner. Visit my Soundcloud page to find samples of me playing the cello with my trio. Don’t forget, in addition to on camera work, I am also available for live events. Contact me. Ask for Wally, the singing cellist.

Soundcloud. Scroll down the list...